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Another page where we collect certain types of files. This page is about Owners manuals or Users manuals as they are sometimes referred as. More is added as we go along. Hope you find what you are looking for, if not send an email, or use the searchform.
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Arp 2600_Owners Manual.pdf 2600 Semi modular Synthesizer
ARP_2600_man.pdf 2600 Semi modular Synthesizer
ARP_2600_Owners_Manual.pdf 2600 Semi modular Synthesizer
4700ug.pdf 4700 Modular Synthesizer System
80-4a.pdf 80-4 Voltage Controlled Mixer
80-5.pdf 80-5 Processor
Akai_AX-73_Owners_Manual.pdf AX-73 Synthesizer
Crumar_Bit_One_Owners_Manual.pdf Bit One Programmable Polyphonic Touch Sensitive Synthesizer
Roland_cmu800.pdf CMU 800 Compu Music
cs01e_ownersmanual.pdf CS01 Micro Monophonic Synthesizer
CS15E.pdf CS15 Synthesizer
CS5E.pdf CS5 Synthesizer
CS80_manual.pdf CS-80 Polyphonic Synthesizer
YamahaCS80-InstructionManual.pdf CS-80 Polyphonic Synthesizer
csq-600_om.pdf CSQ-600 Digital Sequencer
Casio_CZ-1_Owners_Manual.pdf CZ-1 CosmoSynthesizer DDD-1 Dynamic Digital Drums
550turbostart.pdf DR550 Dr Rhythm
dw-8000_manual.pdf DW-8000 MIDI Controllable Polyphonic Syntesizer
flanger.pdf ETI Chorus / Flanger Unit Tim Orr returns to the pages of ETI with a project to make your amplifier see double - a chorus/flanger.
Gnome Micro Synthesizer Manual.pdf Gnome Portable Synthesizer
Envelator-031001.pdf GR-331 Dual Envelator
juno-man.pdf Juno 106 Synthesizer
rolandjupiter4-ownersmanual.pdf Jupiter 4 Compuphonic Jupiter 6 Synthesizer
RolandJupiter6-OwnersManual.pdf Jupiter 6 Synthesizer
RolandJupiter8-OwnersManual.pdf Jupiter 8 Synthesizer
jx3p.pdf JX3p Programmable Preset Polyphonic Synthesizer JX3p Programmable Preset Polyphonic Synthesizer
jx-8p.pdf JX8P MIDI Polyphonic Synthesizer
korgm500sp.pdf M-500 Micro-preset synthesizer
oberheimmatrix1000user.pdf Matrix 1000 Analog sound module
800DVoman.pdf MaxiKorg 800DV The World´s first duophonic synthesizer.
Roland_MC202_Owners Manual.pdf MC202 Micro Composer
md280_manual.pdf MD280 Sampler Disk Drive
midi2mds.pdf midi2cv8 MIDI to CV Converter
KorgMiniS.pdf MiniKorg 700 The first synthesizer released by Korg.
Mididrumpedal.txt MKDP Programmable MIDI Kick Drum Pedal
RolandMKS20-OwnersManual.pdf MKS-20 Digital Piano Module MKS-30 Planet-S Synthesizer Module
RolandMKS30-OwnersManual.pdf MKS-30 Planet-S Synthesizer Module
RolandMKS50-OwnersManual.pdf MKS-50 6-voice / 6-DCO module version of Alpha Juno 2
RolandMKS80-OwnersManual.pdf MKS-80 8 voice / 16 VCO analog synth module
Arp3620Keyboard-OwnersManual.pdf Model 3620 Keyboard Control Voltage Keyboard
KorgMonoPoly-OwnersManual.pdf Mono / Poly
ob12.pdf OB12 Z-Domain Synthesizer
ODYOWNERMANUAL.ZIP Odyssey Monophonic Synthesizer
MoogOpus3-OwnersManual.pdf Opus 3 Preset Analog synthesizer
amdek_pck-100_specs.pdf PCK-100 Percussion Synthesizer
pg200manual.pdf PG 200 Programmer for JX3p and Planet-S MKS 30
RolandPG200-Manual.pdf PG 200 Programmer for JX3p and Planet-S MKS 30 PG 300 Synthesizer Programmer
pg300manual.pdf PG 300 Synthesizer Programmer
RolandPG800-OwnersManual.pdf PG-800 Synthesizer Programmer
KorgPoly800-OwnersManual.pdf Poly 800 Polyphonic Programmable Synthesizer
owners_full.ZIP Poly 800 Polyphonic Programmable Synthesizer
KorgPolysixOwnersManual.pdf Polysix
SequentialProOne-OperationManual.pdf Pro One Analogue Synthesizer
ARP_Quadra_Owners_Manual.pdf Quadra Synthesizer
ArpQuadra-OwnersManual.pdf Quadra Synthesizer
s612manual.pdf S612 Midi Digital Sampler
SidStation_Ownersmanual_OS1.1.pdf SIDstation
siel_mk_900_schematic_diagram.pdf Siel MK 900 Schematic Diagram/Service Manual
ARP_Solus_Owners_Manual.pdf Solus Synthesizer
ArpSolus-Manual.pdf Solus Synthesizer
ArpSolus-UsersManual.pdf Solus Synthesizer SVC-350 Rack mount Vocoder TB 303 Bassline Computer Controlled
tb303.pdf TB 303 Bassline Computer Controlled
tbxmanual.pdf TBX-303 TB-303 clone Bassline / Trans Bass Xpress
Teisco 110F_60F_Owners manual.pdf Teisco 110 F Analog synthesizer the Cat Arp Oddysse Replica the Cat Arp Oddysse Replica
OctaveCat-InstructionManual.pdf the Cat Arp Oddysse Replica The Spectrum Synthesizer Monophonic Synthesizer
TR-606_Operation_Manual.pdf TR 606 Drumatix Computer Controlled TR 707
TR707_operation_guide.pdf TR 707
TR707_user_manual.pdf TR 707
RolandTR808-Intro-hires.pdf TR 808 Rhytm Composer
RolandTR808Intro-hires.pdf TR 808 Rhytm Composer
RolandTR808-Intro-lores.pdf TR 808 Rhytm Composer
RolandTR808-OperationManual.pdf TR 808 Rhytm Composer
Roland_TR909_Owners Manual.pdf TR 909 Rythm Composer
UC1QuickReferenceGuide.pdf UC-1 Sequencer for the Pro One
1721_warp9_e.pdf Warp 9 MIDI Controllable Resonant filter Wasp Synthesizer
vf11eng.pdf VF11 Vocoder
efm-wildcat.pdf Wildcat Modular synthesizer system
x0xmanual.pdf x0xb0x TB303 Clone
OberheimXpander-OwnersManual.pdf Xpander Desktop synth module