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8 voice / 16 VCO analog synth module

Courtesy/Thanks to: Roland

Description: A classic. One of the greatest synths of all time and the king of the MKS series. Made from 1984 through to 1987 the MKS80 is a rack version of the Jupiter series of keyboard synths. Some claim it's is a version of the Jupiter 8 and others a Jupiter 6. In reality it is somewhere between the two. The only MKS series synths with real VCO's was produced in 2 distinct versions.

Serials number up to 511800 (OS Version 4) used standard CEM 3340 VCO chips. Most people claim that these early versions are disctinclty better.

Serial numbers from 511801 onwards (OS Version 5) used custom Roland chips. The Roland IR-3R03 VCO and IR-3R05 VCF. The cross-modulation and filter resonance were tamed to reduce distortion and the ADSR decay rate reduced.

Editing the MKS80 is possible from the front panel but most don't even bother to attempt without the partner MPG80 programmer. The MPG80 connect to the MKS80 using standard MIDI connections. A switch on the rear of the MKS80 let's it know a programmer is connected to it's input rather then a standard MIDI signal. However, the MPG80 uses standard sysex to control the MKS80 so other hardware or software editors are a viable alternative.

To check the OS version hold down the Auto Tune and Write buttons and power the unit on.

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   Picture of the MKS80
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