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Micro-preset synthesizer

Courtesy/Thanks to: Korg

Description: - This KORG Micro-preset Synthesizer can mix preset sounds by means that it can produce a greater variety of sounds than the conventional preset type synthesizer.
- Such effect knobs as TRAVELER, MODULATION DEPTH and PORTAMENTO are located together in the lower part of the panel so they can be operated freely with the left hand alone.
- The new KORG Micro-preset synthesizer is small in size and light in weight because its circuitry consosts of IC's. This enables you to play the synthesizer in a standing posture by hanging it from your shoulder with a strap.
- Once the KORG Micro-preset is tuned after it is switched ON, it is ready for playing in tune always. This is very important for a synthesizer which is often played with an electronic organ or other musical instruments, but they have been few synthesizer which meet this condition.


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   Korg M500 Micro-preset synthesizer Owners manual. Both English and Japanese
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