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Midi Digital Sampler

Courtesy/Thanks to: Akai

Description: The Akai MIDI Digital Sampler S612 is an amazingly sophisticated electronic
instrument which enables you to record (sample) any kind of sound, and
reproduce it at any desired pitch or pitches. The following are only a few
examples of the many sounds that the S612 can sample.
1. Sounds of acoustic musical instruments (such as pianos,
strings or percussion instruments).
2. Sounds of nature (such as sounds made by animals, wind,
wild birds and rain).
3. Human voices, radio, television, CDs, analogue records, me
chanical noises, etc.
With the S612, you are able to perform musically with ease using a wide
variety of sound sources (only a few of which are listed above). The acoustic
instruments can be sampled and reproduced as realistically as the original
sound. Existing synthesizers, up to now among the most advanced electronic
musical instruments, are unable to sample and reproduce in this way.
The S612 offers entirely new and unique ways to express your musical

Realization of super high quality sound by 12-bit sampling technology.
6-voice polyphonic performance is possible in connection with MIDI
keyboards, synthesizers, sequencers and many others.
Realization of sampling time up to eight seconds.
A short sampled sound can be continuously played with no time
restrictions and without sounding awkward. The S612 contains an
advanced scanning mode system with "looping" and "alternating" modes.
The best splicing point for "looping" can be selected instantly by the
automatic splicing system.
A splicing point can be selected at any time by switching to the manual
splice mode.
Because the starting or ending point of the sample can be selected at
any time, it is possible to play the sound after elimination of an
undesired portion of the sample. It is also possible to reproduce the
sample in reverse.
It is possible to overdub samples and accumulate various sounds
The S612 is equipped with an L.F.O., which can add vibrato effects with
a delay.
The S612 is also equipped with continuous variable low-pass filters for
adding a milder touch to samples.
2.8 inch sample disks can be used for data files. "Save" and "load"
procedures are extremely quick. You can continuously build your own
tone sample library with the specially designed Sampler Disk Drive
MD280. (optional)
Any type of sound can be tuned to a designated pitch by transposing it
by a half step. This can also be done by tuning ±100 cent. The sound
can then be stored on a disk.
The S612 is rack mountable (EIA/2U type) for excellent operation in the
studio as well as at live performances. It can be handled with ease and
offers astonishing performance.


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   Owners manual for the Akai S612 Midi Digital Sampler
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