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Virtual analog polysynth

A fully documented virtual analog polyphonic synth project... Read more

Siel MK 900

Schematic Diagram/Service Manual

The Siel MK 900 is an Italian synth from the mid-1980's. It has preprogrammed beats, chords, arpeggios, and I believe mostly analog circuitry (even though it says PCM on the unit itself). It is related to these keyboards (similar circuitry ... Read more

PCBMill Software

PCB prototyping software

PCBMill is a PCB prototyping software.
It can generate isolation milling path from industrial standard Gerber files.
Mill and drill your prototype PCB on your CNC machine in minutes.
The software is Beta version and is freeware at the ... Read more


PNP Signal Transistor

... Read more

Sequencer Model 1601

Arp Sequencer 1601

The ARP Sequencer, model 1601, is a 16 step sequential voltage generator. A voltage level slider is provided for each of the 16 steps to adjust the vlotage output from 0 to +10 volts. The sequencer may be used in a "8x2" mode so that outputs 1 throug... Read more

Random Stuff
Dual channel MIDI 2 CV converter small enough to be mounted directly on DIN socket.

Up to 61 keyboard range for standard 1V/oct ratio. Valid CV and Gate voltages appear 0.3ms after MIDI transmission ends. Voltages are generated with precis... Read more
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