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Modular synthesizer system

Courtesy/Thanks to: EFM (Electronic for music)

Description: The Wildcat is a modular
system designed to be flexible
enough to to build many types
of synthesizers as well as
remain unique. The most
comprehensive system is
naturally the most expensive
to build. However the Wildcat
board can also be used to
construct a much less
expensive synthesizer. A full
blown Wildcat Modular could
cost more than $1000. The
Wildcat Modular-1 was close
to $600. About $100 went for
ribbon cable and headerconnectors.
If you want to
direct-wire and you already
have or build your own case
you can cut it down to under

To buy a PCB for the project go to the EFM homepage (


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   Picture of a Wildcat modular
   Owners manual / schematics, and explanation of all the circuits and how to build and wire them in th
   Electronic for music
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