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TR 606

Drumatix Computer Controlled

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Description: The Roland TR-606 is a portable, economical, automatic and fully programmable rhythm device, which can memorize your own rhythms with exceptional flexibility. With it you can write and record different percussive rhythms into non-volatile memory (battery back-up), with up to seven different drum sounds plus accent. Then you can adjust the volume of each percussion sound with individual level controls for full flexibility over the final mix. (Taken from the users manual).

Some tips from tr606 users (from Hyperreal)

annemiek suggests using the trigger outputs as instruments in their own right. You will have to be careful not to blow your speakers, but if it's mixed properly you can get some really sharp electro-esque drumsounds from them.

Philip McGarva has noticed that if you trigger the 606 by external sync you can still use its tempo knob to alter the decay of the open hi hat.

sutekh reminded us that if you leave the batteries of the 606 out long enough, you will end up getting a range random patterns which (assuming you're into that sort of thing) can sound pretty cool. Remember to reset the pattern length to 16 steps though!


Video: Roland TR-606 "Drumatix" Analogue Drum Machine


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Added 2010-01-26 18:40:43 by kevin.dehan

Hello, I also just bought a second hand TR-606. The machine composes patterns just fine, but when I compose a rhythm track, the machine seems a little haywire. I can't tell if this is due to the fact that the machine is referencing the previous owner's preset rhythm tracks and I need to delete them somehow or if the machine needs repair. What do you think? THX!

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Added 2009-11-30 21:01:53 by EternalSound

Jason, Perhaps when you changed the batteries the last step got changed to 7, or the time signature got changed. If this is the case put the 606 in pattern write mode then hold the function key and press the 16th step key. This should reset the pattern length to 16. Also make sure the scale pattern is set to 4/4 time. To do this enter pattern write mode then hold the funtion key and move the scale slider to position 1.

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Added 2009-09-16 16:39:27 by jason hanger

Hi I have recently bought a second hand Drumatix TR-606, however, the batteries in it were weak and the other day when i went to use it. they were dead. Now with new batteries the drum red leds only light up to the 7th and not all the way to the 16th. Can anyone tell me how to reset this back to normal. Many thanks Jason

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