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ETI Chorus / Flanger Unit

Tim Orr returns to the pages of ETI with a project to make your amplifier see double - a chorus/flanger.

Courtesy/Thanks to: ETI

Description: The chorus/flanger unit is a device for processing musical and other signals to produce a wide range of effects. The electronics have been optimised for an electric guitar input but the unit can run equally wll from line level signals (-6dBm) and high output microphones.

The chorus effect simulates a second instrument, which is producing the same sound as the input signal, but which is slightly delayed in time. This tends to generate the illusion of a second instrument and also enriches the overall sound quality. If a relatively fast (10Hz) time modulation is used, then genuine vibrato is generated. Flanging is a very dramatic colouration of the input sound. An instrument played through a flanger sounds like it is being heard in a drain pipe, the size of which is changing.


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   ETI article containg all information about the flanger/chorus unit.
   Electronics Today International
Parts used
   High speed Switching Diode
   CMOS clock generator/driver for Low Voltage Operation BBD
   1024-Stage Low Voltage Operation Low Noise BBD
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