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The Spectrum Synthesizer

Monophonic Synthesizer

Courtesy/Thanks to: E&MM

Description: A complete synthesizer project, where every module is built separately, which makes the synthesizer easy to modify into a modular synthesizer instead, or just take the modules needed. One thing not many DIY projects have is the Keyboard controller as well.

a Short textclip from the manual:
The Spectrum is a monophonic two oscillator switch-linked synthesiser featuring advanced specification, constructional simplicity and low cost. Modulation, timbre control, and interface facilities not found on any comparable synthesiser make it extremely powerful and versatile for keyboard playing, sound effects and many other home, stage, or studio applications. Construction is simplified by the use of integrated circuits that
each perform major synthesiser functions with few external components. No glueing of contact blocks or bending of gold wires is needed to assemble the keyboard contacts.


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   Articles, Schematics, Partslist, manual, PCB, yes everything you might need to build the E&MM Spectr
Parts used
   Dual Operational Amplifier
   Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator
   Voltage Controlled Filter
   Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier
   Voltage Controlled Oscillator
   High speed Switching Diode
uA 741
   Frequency-compensated operational amplifier
   General Purpose Rectifiers
   JFet-input Operational Amplifier
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