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This page is a list of full Owners manuals. More is added as we go along. Hope you find what you are looking for, if not send an email, or use the searchform.
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Arp2600-ServiceManual.pdf 2600 Semi modular Synthesizer
80-1.pdf 80-1 Power Supply Unit
80-2.pdf 80-2 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
80-4a.pdf 80-4 Voltage Controlled Mixer
80-5.pdf 80-5 Processor
ARP_Avatar_Service_Manual.pdf Avatar Guitar Synthesizer
ARP_Axxe_Service_Manual.pdf AXXE Model 2300 AXXE Model 2300 CS01 Micro Monophonic Synthesizer
cs80_circuit_and_components.pdf CS-80 Polyphonic Synthesizer
dw-8000_service_manual.pdf DW-8000 MIDI Controllable Polyphonic Syntesizer
juno-serv.pdf Juno 106 Synthesizer
RolandJupiter6-ServiceNotes.pdf Jupiter 6 Synthesizer
RolandJupiter8-ServiceNotes.pdf Jupiter 8 Synthesizer JX3p Programmable Preset Polyphonic Synthesizer
madmousepro-complete.pdf MadMouse Pro Analog Midi Synthesizer
RolandMKS30-Schematics.pdf MKS-30 Planet-S Synthesizer Module MKS-80 8 voice / 16 VCO analog synth module
RolandMKS80-ServiceNotes.pdf MKS-80 8 voice / 16 VCO analog synth module
Arp3620Keyboard-ServiceManual.pdf Model 3620 Keyboard Control Voltage Keyboard
KorgMonoPoly-ServiceManual.pdf Mono / Poly MPG-80 MKS-80 Programmer
RolandMPG80-ServiceNotes.pdf MPG-80 MKS-80 Programmer
KorgMS10-ServiceManual.pdf MS10 Synth
ms10.pdf MS10 Synth
korg_ms20_service.pdf MS20 Synth
KorgMS20-ServiceManual.pdf MS20 Synth
KorgMS50-Schematics.pdf MS50 Synth
ARP_Odyssey_Service_Manual.pdf Odyssey Monophonic Synthesizer
ODYSERVICEMANUAL.ZIP Odyssey Monophonic Synthesizer
ARP_Omni-2_Service_Manual.pdf OMNI-2 String synthesizer PG-800 Synthesizer Programmer
RolandPG800-ServiceNotes.pdf PG-800 Synthesizer Programmer
ARP_Quadra_Service_Manual.pdf Quadra Synthesizer
ArpQuadra-ServiceManual.pdf Quadra Synthesizer
ARP_Quartet_Service_Manual.pdf Quartet Preset Analog Synthesizer
moog_rogue_service_manual_including_schematics.pdf Rogue Synthesizer
MoogRogue-TechnicalServiceInformation.pdf Rogue Synthesizer
ARP_Sequencer_1601_Service_Manual.pdf Sequencer Model 1601 Arp Sequencer 1601
siel_mk_900_schematic_diagram.pdf Siel MK 900 Schematic Diagram/Service Manual
ARP_Solus_Service_Manual.pdf Solus Synthesizer
RolandTB303-ServiceNotes.pdf TB 303 Bassline Computer Controlled the Cat Arp Oddysse Replica the Cat Arp Oddysse Replica The Spectrum Synthesizer Monophonic Synthesizer
wasp_service_notes_p1.jpg Wasp Synthesizer
wasp_service_notes_p10.jpg Wasp Synthesizer
wasp_service_notes_p11.jpg Wasp Synthesizer
wasp_service_notes_p2.jpg Wasp Synthesizer
wasp_service_notes_p3.jpg Wasp Synthesizer
wasp_service_notes_p4.jpg Wasp Synthesizer
wasp_service_notes_p5.jpg Wasp Synthesizer
wasp_service_notes_p6.jpg Wasp Synthesizer
wasp_service_notes_p7.jpg Wasp Synthesizer
wasp_service_notes_p8.jpg Wasp Synthesizer
wasp_service_notes_p9.jpg Wasp Synthesizer
efm-wildcat.pdf Wildcat Modular synthesizer system X911 Guitar Synthesizer
OberheimXpander-ServiceManual.pdf Xpander Desktop synth module