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Sequencer Model 1601

Arp Sequencer 1601

Courtesy/Thanks to: ARP

Description: The ARP Sequencer, model 1601, is a 16 step sequential voltage generator. A voltage level slider is provided for each of the 16 steps to adjust the vlotage output from 0 to +10 volts. The sequencer may be used in a "8x2" mode so that outputs 1 through 8 (bank A) and 9 through 16 (bank B) sequence in parallel. The Outputs of banks A and B are previred to a voltage quantizer which effectively "rounds off" the sequenceers coltage to the nearest whole twelfth of a volt. This allows precise tuning since all ARP products are tuned to a 1 volt per octave standard (1/2 volt per semitone).

A low frequency voltage controlled clock governs the stepping speed of the sequencer and can be started, stopped, gated, or speeded up either manually or externally.

Position gates provide a constant voltage output (+10 volts) for as long as the sequencer is on a selected position. The position gate outputs are bused to one of the position gate outputs (Gate 1,2 or 3).


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   Service manual for the ARP Sequencer model 1601.
   Picture of an Arp Sequencer Model 1601
   The Company behind classical rare and sought after '70 synthesizers like the Arp 2600, 2500, Odyssey
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