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String synthesizer

Courtesy/Thanks to: ARP

Description: The ARP OMNI-2 offers the unique combination of polyphonic tone sources and the versatility of synthesizer sound modification. Separate string and synthesizer sections allow orchestral and symphonic sounds simultaneously. The total variability of the synthesizer section permits such sounds as brass, piano, and clavinet without single note limitations.

The string, bass and synthesizer sections have separate outputs located on the rear panel. ARP's now famous systems interface applies to this product as well. The OMNI-2 can accept external effects or output its own signals to other instruments. The computer-grade switching mechanisms are fast and reliable.


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   Service manual for the OMNI-2 models 2471, 2472, 2473, & 2475
   The Company behind classical rare and sought after '70 synthesizers like the Arp 2600, 2500, Odyssey
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