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202 Hack
   a new way to program your Roland MC-202 sequencer
555 Timer Designer
   Schematica Software's free 555 timer design program
   Control software for the x0xb0x, Windows version.
   Zipped HEX file to program the 16F877 for the CV to MIDI converter
   Source code for the CV to MIDI converter by Tom Scarff
   Program Source etc.
DIY Layout editor
   PCB, Perfboard or Stripboard designer
   Installation file for the DIY Layout Creator.
DREHBANK editor program 2.0
   Editor program for the DREHBANK
Eagle Layout Editor
   Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor
   Eprom with the Crash, Hihats and ride samples for the TR909 and 9090.
   Patch Editor Software
   version 2.01b released 1/1/2000 of the EZalpha software.
Front Panel Designer
   A program to design Frontpanels, that Schaeffer then can manufacture in small series for you.
   Homepage for the DIY Layout Creator
   Abacom - LochMaster
   Downloading page for Schematics Publisher
   A logic analyzer using the PC's parallel port
   A developers tool for breadboards
Marcus Wrangö
   Composer, musician, technician and software engineer
   Homepage of Marcus Wrangö
   midi2cv8 firmware v2.01 archive 01/05/97 license is granted for individual non-commercial use. Fa
   Precision Scale Meter creation software
   The MonoVoice editor program including visual basic code.
   The Sourcecode for the MonoVoice synth. To be used with an Atmel processor.
   the program in a ZIPfile.
Oscilloscope V2.51
   Digital Oscilloscope using PC Sound Card for Input
PCBMill Software
   PCB prototyping software
   Zip file with the PCBmill software. Always check for the latest version of the software
   Zipped HEX file for the Pitch to Midi unit.
PocketControl Editor v2.5
   Editor for the Pocket Controllers from Doepfer
Resistor Color Coder
   Free resistor color code software
   The Resistor Color Coder program. Check out Schematicas homepage for the most recent software
ReTurn Setup Editor
   Editor Program for the ReTurn
Schematic Publisher Beta 1.0
   RJWSoft Schematic Publisher is a complete schematic capture and publishing system. Schematic Publisher is perfect for students, hobbyists, and professionals.
   Software developer
   The setup program for Digitrace.
   Yamaha TX16w Operating System
   Typhoon2000 software. packed with StuffIt, download if you have a MAC
   Typhoon2000 software. Zipped, download if you have a PC
   WinLAP circuit design schematic capture and simulation software
   The WinLAP program check Schematicas homepage for the latest version.
   CadSoft Online Home of the EAGLE Layout Editor
   x0xb0x AVR Firmware in HEX format.