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Screen shot from the LochMaster program.   Picture is courtesy of: Abacom


A developers tool for breadboards

Courtesy/Thanks to: Abacom

Description: LochMaster 3.0 is a developers tool for strip board projects. It has useful functions for designing, documenting and testing a board. Therefore you will find features like auto-generation of components lists, a connection test, an editable library with a large number of symbols and components, and many more.
In the new version we have made the software more realistic. The new extended library looks almost like real components. Another great feature is the integrated board-editor. You can now create your own boards, if your desired board is not already defined.

Of course the new version 3.0 is fully compatible to all previous versions. You can load and edit all older projects with this new version.

This product is not freeware or shareware though, costs about 40€ (50$)


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   Screen shot from the LochMaster program.
   Abacom - LochMaster
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