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   !Malfunctionator Schematic PDF and Component List
   The manual, 90gifs in a zipfile. Taken from check out their site for more 303stuf
   Service manual for the ARP 2600
   Article from Popular Electronics with description, and schematics to build the Audio Artist
   Service manual for the ARP Axxe model 2300, Highres scanned pictures in a zip-file.
   Control software for the x0xb0x, Windows version.
   HiRes Cat SRM Service Manual
   HiRes Cat SRM Users Manual
   Octave the Cat users manual
   Block diagram of the CS80
   CS-80 Overall Circuit Diagram
   Zipped HEX file to program the 16F877 for the CV to MIDI converter
   Zip file with all the information neede to build the DBOP.
   Program Source etc.
   Blurry scan of the schematics but it should be good enough to fix most fault on this machine.
   Articles, Schematics, Partslist, manual, PCB, yes everything you might need to build the E&MM Spectr
   Eprom with the Crash, Hihats and ride samples for the TR909 and 9090.
   The whole article (all five files) in one zip file.
   version 2.01b released 1/1/2000 of the EZalpha software.
   Modifications for the Fatman, including the following mods: Glide Mod, Oscillator Mod, Filter/VCA
   A zip file with jpg images of patches for the Paia Gnome
   Jupiter 6 Users manual (zipped jpg files)
   Owners manual for the JX3p
   Schematics of the JX3p, in TIF format, zipped.
Korg Poly 800
   Schematics for the Poly800
   Owners manual for the DDD-1 zipped pdffile
   MKS-30 Owners Manual
   Service Manual for the MKS-80
   Description and schematics for the Mini-3
   The MonoVoice editor program including visual basic code.
   Service Manual for the MPG80
   Owners manual for the ARP Odyssey
   Patches for the Odyssey.
   Service manual for the ARP Odyssey
   the program in a ZIPfile.
   A zipfile filled with schematics, pcbs, firmware versions, roms and tips and tricks for the OSCar, i
   Korg Poly 800 Owners Manual
   RAR file with all the information needed
   Zip file with the PCBmill software. Always check for the latest version of the software
   The 1979 article from PES. Including all pictures in TIFF format, and the article text in a textfile
   Owners Manual for the PG-300 zip file with highres jpg's
   Postscript files of the PCB layers for the SAS PSU
   This file contains all the files needed to build the ReTurn MIDI controller.
   Service manual for the JX3p in zipped format.
   Roland PG800 Service manual in zipped format.
   The users manual in a zip.
   Schematics for the Synton Syrinx, zipped file with jpg-files.
   TB-303 Pattern Template. An Interactive PDF Form.
   Wasp Performers manual (zip-file)
   zipfile containing both schematics PCB-layout and partslist
   Service manual for the Korg X911 Guitar Synthesizer.