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SynthDIY Resource Center

This is the resource center, here I will collect the information needed to start with Synth DIY or just tools to speed up the work.

The first thing I put up here is some resources to do with Components. Check below for the facts and tools:

Component resources

Resource Description Applies to
Component Datasheets When working with IC's it is good to know the characteristics of the component. That is when Datasheets come in handy. Components, IC
Resistor Color Coder A program to easily determine the value of a resistor, or to quickly find out what the colors should be for a specific value. Resistors
Capacitor Conversion Table Quickly find out what values your cryptic Capacitors have. Capacitors
Another Capacitor Conversion Table A "complete" list of Capacitor Codes and what they mean. Capacitors
Blocking Diodes @ A simple enough page to tell you how diodes work, and how to read the symbols. Diodes
555 Timer Designer This popular freeware program is very useful for designing 555/556 timer applications. 555 Timer circuit

Tools resources

Resource Description Applies to
Oscilloscope V2.51 One of the best usable electronic devices to have when fiddling around with audio is an Oscilloscope. These are expensive tools, but for this one to work all you need is a soundblaster card... Oscilloscope
Learn to use the Oscilloscope Learn to use the Oscilloscope. Visit this page for a good introduction to a very powerful instrument. Oscilloscope
A logic analyzer using the PC's parallel port Found this DIY Logic probe / Logic Analyzer, good for thos of you who are building sequencers or other Logic driven creations. Logic analyzer, logic probe
Power Supplies One of the first things you are going to need when starting with diy is power. Here is a list of power supplies suited for synths. Power Supplies
RJWSoft Schematic Publisher Create, capture and publish your creations schematics, a great program that takes care of partslists, wires, schematics, well ALMOST everything. Read more about it on Schematics, creation
LochMaster Here is a GREAT software for thos of you who rather work with breadboard/stripboard rather than etching boards. A design tool for stripboards. Costs about 50$ though. Schematics, PCB, Breadboard
DIY Layout Creator I found this software a while back, the same as the above Lochmaster, but totally freeware, also has a nice archive of stompbox designs. A design tool for stripboards. Schematics, PCB, Breadboard
Eagle Layout Editor If you want to make your own design or just have a schematics but no PCB a PCB-layout program might come in handy. Here is one, recommended and used by many Synth DIY:ers. PCB-creation
Schaeffer Apparatebau Front Panel Designer After you are done with the PCB's and soldering part you want a nice looking Panel design for your creation. Shaeffer makes very nice panels, but a bit pricey. Frontpanel design, creation When your layout is finished you want to print, etch and drill the PCB. OR you can let the pros do it for you. This is a useful resource for that. PCB-creation

Facts, Theories and lectures.

Resource Description Applies to
Synth Secrets Visit this page to read all the Synth Secrets articles that have been published in Sound on Sound. Learn
Music synthesizer lectures Visit this page to watch video lectures on how the music synthesizer works. Learn

You are as always welcome to contact me with more useful information or tips that you might want to share with others. Thanks, and take care out there!