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Tom Scarff

a guy who has made som nice MIDI tools

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Description: Tom Scarff have been working in the Electronics Industry for the past 20 years. I spent nearly 10 years working in maintenance and design in the Irish national broadcasting organisation, RTE. More recently I have been employed in the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) lecturing in Computer and Electronic Engineering and in Music Technology. I have also published a number of articles on topics including audio, music and MIDI in particular. I have now designed and produced a number of MIDI hardware circuits using the Microchip series of micro-controllers.
Unfortunately I no longer sell any parts or components for the projects.

The designs now are all Do It Yourself (DIY). All you require are the circuit schematics, a suitable enclosure/box and a 9 volt battery or DC power supply. You can Download the software HEX code for the Microchip PIC 16F877 microcontrollers.


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