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Control Voltage (CV)/Gate to MIDI

Courtesy/Thanks to: Tom Scarff

Description: The CV/Gate to MIDI unit is capable of converting the output control/gate voltages from a monophonic synthesiser to a MIDI note-on/note-off data commands. The unit works with linear CV out Volts/Oct where 0 volt is set to C1 and 4 volt is set to C5. However different MIDI note octave ranges can be pre-programmed, if required. Each semi-tone is equal to (1/12 = 0.08333 Volt). The gate output voltage from the synthesiser can be between 5 to 15 volts when a note is ON and 0 volt when the note is OFF. The wiring connections are shown in the CV to MIDI Layout diagram.

- The transmit MIDI channel (1-16) can be selected by a 4-way DIP switch.
- The velocity byte is preset to half of the maximum value.
- The CV to MIDI unit is monophonic.


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   PCB layout of the CV to MIDI converter
   PCB layout of the CV to MIDI converter
   Schematics for Tom Scarffs CV to MIDI converter
   Zipped HEX file to program the 16F877 for the CV to MIDI converter
   Source code for the CV to MIDI converter by Tom Scarff
Tom Scarff
   a guy who has made som nice MIDI tools
Parts used
PIC 16F877
   PIC Microcontroller
   5V Positive Voltage Regulator
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