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Courtesy/Thanks to: SAS

Description: SAS is not a company and not a person, its a Mailinglist really. SAS was founded by Erik Grönberg, and is administered by Per Mattson. you can find the site and the list here. The mailinglist is as any other mailinglist, but the persons get together now and then, drink beer talk about synths and electronics, and make music. SAS has even released some CD's (5 up til now) with works from the people active on the list.


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MS20 filter clone
   Clone of the MS-20 filter
   SAS Modular PSU +/- 15 Volts
   a modular system created by the SAS-team of Sweden.
   The VCO of the SASM modular system project
Other relations
Magnus Danielsson
   Is one of the members of SAS. Magnus is the theoretical wizkid at the list. If he doesn't have a for
Niklas Rönnberg
   alias Nikro
Ninni Bergfors
   Ninni Bergfors is one of the many talented electronic wizards at the Swedish Analogue Sympathists ma
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