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Digital Echo/Surround Processor IC

Courtesy/Thanks to: Princeton Technology Corp (PTC)

Description: PT2396 is a digital echo/surround processor IC utilizing CMOS Technology. Analog Signal inputted to
PT2396 is converted to digital signal by A-D converter and then stored into the internal memory. After
a certain delay time, this memory-stored digital signal is converted back into analog signal via the D-A converter

A low cost echo system may be achieved with the PT2396's A-D converter, D-A converter,
incorporating ADM (Adaptive Delta Modulation) Algorithm while maintaining lower noise, lower distortion, and higher s/N ratio.

PT2396 is functionally compatible with M65831P. If you are replacing M65831P with our PT2396, you
must take note that PT2396 does not need to connect an external resistor (30 Ohms) to Pin 15 and Pin 21


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   Datasheet for the PT2396 Digital Echo/Surround Processor IC
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