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Princeton Technology Corp


Courtesy/Thanks to: Princeton Technology Corp (PTC)

Description: Princeton Technology Corp. (PTC) is a professional fabless IC design company. The company headquarter resides in Taipei, Taiwan with several branch offices in Hsin-Chu (Taiwan), Hong Kong, Shenzhen (China). PTC was listed on Taiwan OTC (over-the-counter) market in 2001.

Since its establishment in 1986, PTC has become a leader in the consumer IC design market in Taiwan. Dominant products include Multi-Media Audio Controller ICs, Display Driver ICs, Remote Control ICs, and Encoder/Decoder ICs. Being the role model company, PTC provides system solutions to satisfy the various needs in the market. Its products can be applied on DVD, VCD, portable audio players, digital TV, home appliances, and home/office/car security systems. With the strength in analog design capability, digital design capability, and mixed mode design capability, combined with the strong supports of the world’s leading foundry partners, PTC is capable of offering its customers products with best quality.

Demanded by the market flow, PTC will focus more on developing new products in the domain of Multi-Media Audio Controller ICs and Car Audio Controller ICs. In the future, PTC will continuously evolve its markets in Asia, Europe, and American with its unique and exclusive operating principle: product innovation and customer satisfaction.


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