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LM 747

Dual Operational Amplifier

Other names for this product: lm747,
Courtesy/Thanks to: National Semiconductor

Description: The LM747 is a general purpose dual operational amplifier. The two amplifiers share a common bias network and power supply leads. Otherwise, their operation is completely independent.

Additional features of the LM747 are: no latch-up when input common mode range is exceeded, freedom from oscillations, and package flexibility.

The LM747C/LM747E is identical to the LM747/LM747A
except that the LM747C/LM747E has its specifications
guaranteed over the temperature range from 0C to a70C
instead of -55C to +125C.


  1. No frequency compensation required
  2. Short-circuit protection
  3. Wide common-mode and differential voltage ranges
  4. Low power consumption
  5. No latch-up
  6. Balanced offset null


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