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Solid State Micro Technology for Music


Courtesy/Thanks to:

Description: The company behind the famouse SSM series of IC's


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SSM 2013
   Voltage Controlled amplifier
SSM 2014
   Operational Voltage Controlled Element
SSM 2015
   Microphone Preamplifier
SSM 2020
   Dual VCA
SSM 2024
   Quad Current Controlled Amplifier
SSM 2030
   Voltage Controlled Oscillator IC
SSM 2031
   High Frequency Oscillator / Voltage to Frequency Converter
SSM 2040
   Voltage Controlled Filter Circuit
SSM 2044
   4-pole Voltage Controlled Filter
SSM 2045
   Music Voicing System
SSM 2047
   Music Voicing System
SSM 2050
   Voltage Controlled Transient Generator
SSM 2056
   Voltage Controlled Transient Generator
SSM 2120
   Dynamic Range Processor/Dual VCA
SSM 2122
   Dynamic Range Processor/Dual VCA
SSM 2210
   Audio Dual Matched NPN Transistor
SSM 2220
   Audio Dual Matched PNP Transistor
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