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SSM 2120

Dynamic Range Processor/Dual VCA

Courtesy/Thanks to: Audio Silicon Specialists

Description: Information from the SSM datasheet:
The SSM2120 is a state of the art dynamic range processor integrated circuit designed specifically for use in professional audio systems.

Information from the Analog Devices datasheet:
The SSM2120 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for the
purpose of processing dynamic signals in various analog systems
including audio. This “dynamic range processor” consists of two
VCAs and two level detectors (the SSM2122 consists of two
VCAs only). These circuit blocks allow the user to logarithmically
control the gain or attenuation of the signals presented to the
level detectors depending on their magnitudes. This allows the
compression, expansion or limiting of ac signals, some of the
primary applications for the SSM2120.


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   Datasheet for the SSM 2120 and 2122
   Datasheet for the SSM2120, SSM2122 From Analog Devices
Solid State Micro Technology for Mu
Analog Devices
   Semiconductor Manufacturer
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