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30MHz, High Output Current Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA)

Other names for this product: CA3094A, CA3094B,
Courtesy/Thanks to: Intersil

Description: The CA3094 is a differential input power control switch/amplifier with auxiliary circuit features for ease of programmability. For example, an error or unbalance signal can be amplified by the CA3094 to provide an on-off signal or proportional control output signal up to 100mA. This signal is sufficient to directly drive high current thyristors, relays, DC loads, or power transistors. The CA3094 has the generic characteristics of the CA3080 operational amplifier directly coupled to an integral Darlington power transistor capable of sinking or driving currents up to 100mA.

The gain of the differential input stage is proportional to the amplifier bias current (IABC), permitting programmable variation of the integrated circuit sensitivity with either digital and/or analog programming signals. For example, at an IABC of 100ìA, a 1mV change at the input will change the output from 0 to 100ìA (typical).

The CA3094 is intended for operation up to 24V and is especially useful for timing circuits, in automotive equipment, and in other applications where operation up to 24V is a primary design requirement (see Figures 28, 29 and 30 in Typical Applications text). The CA3094A and CA3094B are like the CA3094 but are intended for operation up to 36V and 44V, respectively (single or dual supply).


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Added 2008-05-18 11:45:33 by sourcery

The CA3094 is simply said a CA3080 and a darlington emitter follower.

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