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Mikado Sequencer

Analog Sequencer

Courtesy/Thanks to: Jim Patchell

Description: The picture of the front panel above you may notice the rather colorful aspect of the banana jacks...well, it turned out a little more colorful that I thought, and while I don't like the way it looks, well, I am too lazy to pull the jacks off and be a little more conservative. What I had hoped to accomplish was to make it easier for me to figure out which jack did which job....well, I failed....but thems is the breaks.

This is a project that I am doing with Jim Johnson. It is a pretty involved circuit that is basically an analog sequencer on steroids.

The plan has been changed just a little bit. To save time, I have ended up putting the sequencer on three boards.

Board #1 contains the 8x2 sequencer and the quantizer. To make the full system, you will need two of these cards.

Board #2 Contains the Midi Interface, Master Clock, the Dividers, and Logic.

Board #3 Contains the Patern Generator, Analog Switches, One Shot, Transposer and Power Supply.

The current status is that the boards should go out for a prototype run near the end of April. The plan is for the first prototype unit to be completed by the end of May.


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   Picture of the front panel of the Mikado Sequencer.
   Picture of the PCBs for the Mikado Sequencer.
   MIKADO Analog Sequencer board 1. Schematics of the Sequencer, Quantizer, Power supply, and misc circ
   Schematics for the second pcb board. Dividers, master clock, aux, logic, logic switches
   Analog sequencer pcb board 3. Schematics of more analog switches, aux, one shot, pattern generator,
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