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3V Dallastat Electronic Digital Rheostat

Courtesy/Thanks to: Dallas Semiconductor, ELFA

Description: Features
- Replaces mechanical variable resistors
- Operates from 3V or 5V supplies
- Electronic interface provided for digital as well as manual control
- Wiper position is maintained in the absence of power
- Low cost alternative to mechanical controls
- Applications include volume, tone, contrast, brightness, and dimmer control
- 8-pin SOIC and 8-pin DIP packages for DS1869
- Standard resistance values for Dallastat
- - DS1869-10 10KOhm
- - DS1869-50 50KOhm
- - DS1869-100 100KOhm
- Operating Temperature Range
- - Commercial: 20degrees C to 70 degrees C
- 3V to 8V differential supplies operational range


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   Datasheet for the DS1869
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