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Mini Chorus Unit

Chorus effect

Courtesy/Thanks to: Practical Electronics (R.A.Penfold)

Description: The mini chorus effect is one that receives a great deal of use these days, and it is probably used mostly by vocalists although it is also perfectly suitable for use with electronics instruments. The effect is basically very simple, and is produced by mixing a delayed signal with an undelayed signal, and the length of the delay is usually varied at a low frequency. Apart from varying the degree to which the two signals are out of synchronization, this varying of the delay also gives a degree of vibrato to the delayed signal. The resultant audio output gives the impression that there are two instruments or vocalists singing or playing in unison, and this normally gives a much richer and more interesting sound. This effect should not be confused with the more complex chorus effect which uses more than one delay circuit and gives the impression of many vocalists or instruments using a single source.


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   Practical Electronics magazine article about the Mini Chorus Unit, containing schematics and partsli
Practical Electronics
   Electronics Projects Magazine
Parts used
   NPN general purpose transistors
   High speed Switching Diode
   PNP switching transistor
HCC 4001
   4001 Quad 2 input NOR gate
   Dual Analog Delay Line
uA 741
   Frequency-compensated operational amplifier
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