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PE guitar effects pedal

Other names for this product: Gristlizer,
Courtesy/Thanks to: Practical Electronics (R.Gwinn)

Description: There are numerous guitar effects pedals available today, but there are still many areas of sound treatment in which it is possible for the amateur to produce something which is not just a copy of a commercial effect.

 The Guitar Effects Pedal to be described maked use of voltage control techniques. there are two treatments, a voltage conotrlled ampligier and a voltage controlled filter; either of which can be selected by a switch. These are controlled by an oscillator which produces triangle, square and rising and falling ramps at controllable frequency and amplitude. The combination of four waveforms and two treatments fives eight basic effects, all of which can be considerably modified by adjustment of the controls.


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Added 2008-11-11 19:56:05 by fluxmonkey

Also known as the "Gristlizer", a version of this circuit was reportedly used on early Throbbing Gristle recordings...

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   Practical Electronics magazine article of the GEP, containing schematics and partslist and assembly
Practical Electronics
   Electronics Projects Magazine
Parts used
uA 741
   Frequency-compensated operational amplifier
BC 108
   N-Channel RF Amplifier
   PNP Signal Transistor
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