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128-Stage Ultra Low Voltage Operation BBD for Audio Signals

Courtesy/Thanks to: Panasonic

Description: Overview:

The MN3306 is a 128-stage ultra low voltage operation BBD variable
delay line in audio frequency range. The device operates on +3V
supply and provides a signal delay up to 6.4 ms and is suitable for
use as reverberation effect of low voltage operation audio equipment
such as portable stereo, radio cassette recorder and microphone.


· Variable signal delay of the audio signal : 0.064 to 6.4 ms

· Wide range of supply voltage : 1.8 to 5.0 V

· No insertion loss : Li=0 dB typ.

· Wide dynamic range : S/N=79 dB typ.

· Low distortion : THD=0.3 % typ. (Vi=0.22 Vrms)

· Clock frequency range : 10 to 200 kHz (1.8 V£VDD<4.0 V)
10 kHz to 1 MHz (4.0 V£VDD£5.0 V)

· N-channel 2-layer silicon gate process

· 8-Pin Dual-In-Line Plastic Package


· Reverberation and echo effects of audio equipment such as radio
cassette recorder, car radio, portable radio, portable stereo, echo
microphone and Karaoke machine, etc.

· Sound effect of electronic musical instruments

· Variable or fixed delay of analog signals


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   Datasheet for the MN3306
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