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Monophonic Synthesizer

Courtesy/Thanks to: Paul Maddox

Description: The Monowave was designed to be a Bass synth, though it has more uses than that, it is also more than able to do some superb lead sounds.
Its designed to give that sound and extra 'oomph' that people want from a synth that is sadly lacking from many of the modern 'Virtual' synths.
With the added choice of 256 waveforms this gives you a huge range of sonic power, rangeing from harsh digital type sounds to fat warm analogue!
With two oscillators, two sub-oscillators and a clone of the legendary Moog ladder filter, its got quite some kick!
One of the main design goals with the Monowave was to get 'a simple to use synth, that has a fat and unique sound'
The Monowave accomplishes this with ease.


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   Picture of the monowave
   Picture of the monowave
   Homepage of the MonoWave synthesizer
   Since Paul Maddox published the schematics and code for the Monowave, Laurie Biddulph of elby-design
Paul Maddox
   The editor and founder of the E-zine Modulus. Has also done many DIY designs and products.
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