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MIDIbox Plus

MIDI Controller

Courtesy/Thanks to: Thorsten Klose

Description: The MIDIbox Plus is a DIY MIDI knob box, featuring the following:

  • 8 or 16 Pots, 8 Buttons
  • 16 free customable Banks
  • sends CC/Note/Aftertouch/PitchBender/ProgramChange
  • Min and Max values, scaling over the whole pot range
  • MIDI Learn Function
  • Setups exchangable via SysEx
  • Menu Buttons
  • Snapshot Button with Save/Recall function
  • LC-Display, different Display Modes
  • Normal, Snap, Relative and Parallax Mode
  • MIDI-Merger
  • Optional RS232 Interface

    Its easy to build the Box, you can do it by yourself without much effort, if you know the right end of the soldering iron. To burn the software into the PIC, you need the PICplus programmer kit or one of the minimal programmer, which are available at the internet.

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       Picture of the MIDIbox Plus
       Picture of the MIDIbox Plus
    Thorsten Klose
       KnobBox DoItYourSelfer, has amongst other created the MIDIbox Plus.
    Parts used
    PIC 16F874
       PIC Microcontroller
    PIC 16F877
       PIC Microcontroller
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