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CA 8013

1MHz, Four Quadrant Analog Multiplier

Courtesy/Thanks to: Harris Semiconductor

Description: The ICL8013 is a four quadrant analog multiplier whose output is proportional to the algebraic product of two input signals. Feedback around an internal op amp provides level shifting and can be used to generate division and square root functions. A simple arrangement of potentiometers may be used to trim gain accuracy, offset voltage and feedthrough performance. The high accuracy, wide bandwidth, and increased versatility of the ICL8013 make it ideal for all multiplier applications in control and instrumentation systems. Applications include RMS measuring equipment, frequency doublers, balanced modulators and demodulators, function generators, and voltage controlled amplifiers.


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   Datasheet for the Harris CA8013
   Typical aplications for the CA8013
   Manufactures analog and mixed signal ICs for products like flat panel displays, optical storage and
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