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Modified version of The Bleep Drum

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Description: From the homepage:
BuroBleepDrum is bigger (because it has more parts and uses single-sided PCB, but hey, advantage is it can be held better with both hands when creating some serious rhytms), and BuroBleepDrum is prepared to be used with another instruments - synchronization to trig signal is not just hack away, but it is right on board, ready to use, just plug it in, so BuroBleepDrum can be synchronized with second BuroBleepDrum or for example with Korg Monotribe, as it uses same click scale. External sync mode is enabled by pressing SHIFT+TAP.
Another feature I added is stereo AUX audio input, which is mixed with signal from BleepDrum, so it is easy to chain multiple devices and mix their signals together without mixing console!

I also programmed small utility called "bleepconv" for sample conversion, so you can load BuroBleepDrum with own samples. Program searches in current directory for files 1.wav - 4.wav, and if their format is valid, these files are converted to text file named "samples.blp". It also trims off silence (if any) on sample end. With content of this file you just replace original sample data in BuroBleepDrum source code. Conversion utility will work for original Bleep Drum too, it is the same thing.
note: for some reason (I don't know why, I had not digged that deep), lenght of last (fourth) sample has to be decremented by 2, otherwise there is loud click on the end of that sample.

But beware! BuroBleepDrum _firmware_ is NOT compatible with original BleepDrum _hardware_! And vice versa - BuroBleeBdrum hardware will NOT work with original BleepDrum software. Main difference is in output code for DAC, and RGB LED used in BuroBleepDrum has common anode, so PWM pulses are inverted.

What is changed against Bleep Drum v012/003
- single sided PCB (more DIY friendly)
- more analog circuitry for mixing signals
- stereo AUX input jack for connecting another sound source)
- trig in/out jack for synchronizing and experimenting
- powered with 4xAA batteries for longer life
- added external sync mode
- removed shift+tap+pot tempo setting option
- fixed reverse mode switching


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