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sympleSEQ - the easy to build analog step-sequencer

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Description: I would like to introduce sympleSEQ -- the easy to build analog step-sequencer.

I am offering PCBs, partial, and full component kits for this project. Ben Marshall of Re:Synthesis will be offering etched/silk-screened panels to accompany the project which you can then purchase through him if you do not wish to make your own with the included "easy-mode" panel drilling template.

It can fit vertically in 1U wide of MU panel space, or 2 channels horizontally in Eurorack format, amongst many other popular formats.

It is meant to do away with the annoyingly redundant assembly that is usual with sequencers, and to make it easy for newcomers to the DIY Synth community to dive head-first into analog voltage sequencing. This is accomplished by using primarily board mount components for the controls, and a unique dual-board design. Experienced builders can delight at the idea of putting together many cheap control voltage sources without pulling all of their hair out!

The features are meant to be only the necessary ones, and are as follows:

- 8 steps of buffered CV/Gate out
- Most importantly: EASY TO BUILD!
- Clock in/out is simple to incorporate (documented but not required)
- OPTIONAL reset / pause input functionality (documented but not required)

sympleSEQ aims to bring analog step-sequencing delight to all builders, and also offers very competitive pricing. Most sequencer kits are much more expensive, and are nowhere near as easy to assemble.

Please go to the funding site to contribute with a pre-order to make this project happen!


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   The BETA of sympleSEQ (sans panel) -- the real boards will of course not be hobby style!
   A graphical rendering of the boards.
   Please visit the project page to read more about sympleSEQ, and to help make this project happen by
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