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7 channel single driver, common collector

Courtesy/Thanks to: Toshiba

Description: The TD62501P/F Series are comprised of seven or five NPN Transistor Arrays.

For proper operation, the substrate (SUB) must be connected to the most negative voltage.

Applications include relay, hammer, Lamp and display (LED) drivers.

- Output Current (single output) 200 mA (max)
- High Sustaining Voltage Output 35V (min)
- Inputs Compatible with Various Types of Logic.
- TD62501P / F, TD62505P / F and TD62507P / F: Using external resistor···General Purpose
- TD62502P / F : RIN = 10.5 kΩ + 7V Zener Diode···14~25 V P−MOS
- TD62503P / F, TD62506P / F : RIN = 2.7 kΩ···TTL, 5 V C−MOS
- TD62504P / F, : RIN = 10.5 kΩ···6~15 V P−MOS, C−MOS
- Package Type−P : DIP−16 pin
- Package Type−F : SOP−16 pin


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   Datasheet for the TD62501, TD62502, TD62503, TD62504, TD62505, TD62506, TD62507
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