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Radio Electronics

Courtesy/Thanks to: Radio Electronics

Description: Radio-Electronics was published under
various titles from 1929 to 2002. Hugo
Gernsback started it as Radio-Craft in
July of 1929 and the title was changed
to Radio-Electronics in 1948. In
July1992 the name was changed to
Electronics Now and after 1999 it was
merged with Popular Electronics to
become Poptronics. Gernsback
Publications when out of business in
December 2002. The last issue was dated
January 2003.

Radio-Electronics was aimed at
electronics' professionals such as radio
and TV repairmen. And they were men, the
tag line on the cover is "For Men with
Ideas in Electronics".


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   Radio Electronics magazine article on how to build the GNOME from 1975. By John Simonton
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