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Midi controlled synth

Courtesy/Thanks to: Oakley sound

Description: The TM3030 is a midi controlled bassline clone that is designed to sound good, be easy to build and use no really difficult to get parts. The design features the same controls as the little sliver box we have all come to love: tune, waveshape, cut-off, resonance, envelope sweep, decay time, accent and volume.

Unlike the Oakley TB3030 and TB3031, this project has its own midi interface on board. This interface has been especially designed for us by Sequentix, the creators of the P3 Sequencer and midibass TB303 midi interface. By careful analysis of the original unit, Sequentix have created a midi interface that allows the TM3030 to behave as a real unit would do if you could feed it midi messages. Slides and accents are faithfully reproduced.

This unit contains no internal sequencer. Now we know part of the sound of those famous acid riffs come from the sequencer, but with careful programming on your favourite computer or hardware sequencer, it is possible to create those wonderful fluid lines that are so recognisable.

The PCB contains, in several key areas, places where the builder can chose to use modern or original Japanese parts. We believe that the modern parts sound as good as the originals, but the option is there if you have the parts and want authenticity.


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Oakley Sound Systems
   Synthesizer modules, repair and modification
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