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Drum Tone

Drum Tone Oscillators

Courtesy/Thanks to: Paia

Description: In the dawn of cyber-time (before digital sampling), electronic percussion units generated drum sounds using "ringing oscillators" like those on this analog Drum Tone board. The absolute realism of Digital Sampled Drums made these electronic sounds unfashionable for a while, but what goes around comes around and now ringing oscillator sounds are regaining popularity. Why not? They expand the sonic palette with percussion sounds that AREN'T exactly like real drums. Drum sounds produced by the 6 Tone Oscillators are indivdually adjustable from their Nominal sounds of Bass, Tom-tom, Snare, Conga, Wood-Block, Clave and SynthDrum. Requires 5 to 12v @ 30mA. power.

Drum Tone Board Kit includes all electronic parts, wire, circuit board and detailed assembly instructions (less power supply).


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   Schematics for the Drumtone from PAIA
   DIY Kit manufacturer since 1967
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