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1-of-16 decoder/demultiplexer with input latches

Courtesy/Thanks to: Philips Semiconductor

Description: The HEF4514B is a 1-of-16 decoder/demultiplexer, having four binary weighted address inputs (A0 to A3), a latch enable input (EL), and an active LOW enable input (E). The 16 outputs (O0 to O15) are mutually exclusive active HIGH. When EL is HIGH, the selected output is determined by the data on An. When EL goes LOW, the last data present at An are stored in the latches and the outputs remain stable. When E is LOW, the selected output, determined by the contents of the latch, is HIGH. At E HIGH, all outputs are LOW. The enable input (E) does not affect the state of the latch. When the HEF4514B is used as a demultiplexer, E is the data input and A0 to A3 are the address inputs.


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   Datasheet for the HEF4514b.
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