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Function generator

Courtesy/Thanks to: Philips Semiconductor

Description: The NE/SE566 Function Generator is a voltage-controlled oscillator
of exceptional linearity with buffered square wave and triangle wave
outputs. The frequency of oscillation is determined by an external
resistor and capacitor and the voltage applied to the control terminal.
The oscillator can be programmed over a ten-to-one frequency
range by proper selection of an external resistance and modulated
over a ten-to-one range by the control voltage, with exceptional

• Wide range of operating voltage (up to 24V; single or dual)
• High linearity of modulation
• Highly stable center frequency (200ppm/°C typical)
• Highly linear triangle wave output
• Frequency programming by means of a resistor or capacitor,
voltage or current
• Frequency adjustable over 10-to-1 range with same capacitor

• Tone generators
• Frequency shift keying
• FM modulators
• Clock generators
• Signal generators
• Function generators


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Signetics. Shipping fixed at $3 for one or all.
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   Datasheet for the NE566.
Used in
   Build the flanger for dramatic music effects
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