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Programmable Single-/Dual-/Triple- Tone Gong

Courtesy/Thanks to: Siemens

Description: The SAE 800 is a single-tone, dual-tone or triple-tone gong IC designed for a very wide supply
voltage range. If the oscillator is set to f0 = 13.2 kHz for example, the IC will issue in triple-tonemode
the minor and major third e2 – C sharp – a, corresponding to 660 Hz – 550 Hz – 440 Hz, in
dual-tone-mode the minor third e2 – C sharp, and in single-tone-mode the tone e2 (derived from
the fundamental frequency f0 ; f1 = f0 / 20, f2 = f0 / 24, f3 = f0 / 30).
When it is not triggered, the IC is in a standby state and only draws a few mA. It comes in a compact
P-DIP-8-1 or P-DSO-8-1 (SMD) package and only requires a few external components.

l Supply voltage range 2.8 V to 18 V
l Few external components (no electrolytic capacitor)
l 1 tone, 2 tones, 3 tones programmable
l Loudness control
l Typical standby current 1 mA
l Constant current output stage (no oscillation)
l High-efficiency power stage
l Short-circuit protection
l Thermal shutdown


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   Datasheet for the SAE800
   picture of the SAE 800
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