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Clone theory

Chorus / Vibrato stomp box

Courtesy/Thanks to: Electro Harmonix

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Electro-Harmonix always had a way of taking sound effects to the absolute limits. The maximum setting of most chorus pedals are where the Clone Theory starts. The Chorus and Vibrato setting are very potent and will completely consume your sound when stomped. Most players younger players discovered Electro Harmonix?s modulation pedals in the wake of Nirvana. Capturing Kurt?s unmistakable blur of chorused leads and slurred noise bursts is a snap with the Clone Theory. While there are other flavors of chorus on the market, the Clone Theory sounds the most liquid and drips with submerged bubbliness. The Vibrato section is a wonderful take on the wavering Magnatone sound of the late fifties and early sixties and sounds stunning. Later models of the Clone added a flanger setting which comes off as pretty lackluster compared to the company?s dedicated Electric Mistress unit.


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Added 2011-12-21 20:50:07 by pinkjimiphoton

don't waste your time, this pedal is absolutely NOTHING like the original, sounds like shit, and has more noise in the background than two fuzzfaces mating, dimed. total piece of garbage. i contacted eh before ordering to see if it was the same circuit as the original, and tho they claim it was the chorus/vibe version, it sounds absolutely nothing like the real one. this pedal sux. period. look elsewhere. if ya gotta have one, fire up the soldering iron, and head here:

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   Schematics for the Electro Harmonix Clone Theory.
   Picture of the Clone theory
   from their site:
EH is back, once again putting innovative stompboxes at the feet of musicians th
Parts used
   1024-Stage Low Noise BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay)
HEF 4047
   Monostable/astable multivibrator
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