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Single-Chip Voice Record/Playback Devices 16- and 20-Second Durations

Courtesy/Thanks to: ISD

Information Storage Devices’ ISD1400 ChipCorder®
Series provides high-quality, single-chip record/
playback solutions to short-duration messaging
applications. The CMOS devices include an onchip
oscillator, microphone preamplifier, automatic
gain control, antialiasing filter, smoothing
filter, and speaker amplifier. A minimum record/
playback subsystem can be configured with a
microphone, a speaker, several passives, two
push-buttons, and a power source.
Recordings are stored in on-chip nonvolatile
memory cells, providing zero-power message
storage. This unique, single-chip solution is made
possible through ISD's patented multilevel storage
technology. Voice and audio signals are
stored directly into memory in their natural form,
providing high-quality, solid-state voice reproduction.
Speech/Sound Quality
The ISD1400 Series includes devices offered at
6.4 and 8.0 KHz sampling frequencies, allowing
the user a choice of speech quality options. The
speech samples are stored directly into on-chip
nonvolatile memory without the digitization and
compression associated with other solutions.
Direct analog storage provides a very true, natural
sounding reproduction of voice, music, tones, and
sound effects not available with most solid-state
digital solutions.
To meet end system requirements, the ISD1400
Series offers single-chip solutions at 16 and 20
EEPROM Storage
One of the benefits of ISD’s ChipCorder technology
is the use of on-chip nonvolatile memory, providing
zero-power message storage. The message is
retained for up to 100 years typically without
power. In addition, the device can be re-recorded
typically over 100,000 times.


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   Datasheet for the ISD1416, ISD1420
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