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Low Cost Analog Multiplier

Courtesy/Thanks to: Analog Devices

Four-Quadrant Multiplication
Low Cost 8-Lead Package
Complete—No External Components Required
Laser-Trimmed Accuracy and Stability
Total Error Within 2% of FS
Differential High Impedance X and Y Inputs
High Impedance Unity-Gain Summing Input
Laser-Trimmed 10 V Scaling Reference
Multiplication, Division, Squaring
Modulation/Demodulation, Phase Detection
Voltage-Controlled Amplifiers/Attenuators/Filters

The AD633 is a functionally complete, four-quadrant, analog
multiplier. It includes high impedance, differential X and Y
inputs and a high impedance summing input (Z). The low
impedance output voltage is a nominal 10 V full scale provided
by a buried Zener. The AD633 is the first product to offer these
features in modestly priced 8-lead plastic DIP and SOIC packages.
The AD633 is laser calibrated to a guaranteed total accuracy of
2% of full scale. Nonlinearity for the Y-input is typically less
than 0.1% and noise referred to the output is typically less than
100 µV rms in a 10 Hz to 10 kHz bandwidth. A 1 MHz bandwidth,
20 V/µs slew rate, and the ability to drive capacitive loads
make the AD633 useful in a wide variety of applications where
simplicity and cost are key concerns.
The AD633’s versatility is not compromised by its simplicity.
The Z-input provides access to the output buffer amplifier,
enabling the user to sum the outputs of two or more multipliers,
increase the multiplier gain, convert the output voltage to a
current, and configure a variety of applications.
The AD633 is available in an 8-lead plastic DIP package (N)
and 8-lead SOIC (R). It is specified to operate over the 0°C to
70°C commercial temperature range (J Grade) or the –40°C to
+85°C industrial temperature range (A Grade).
1. The AD633 is a complete four-quadrant multiplier offered in
low cost 8-lead plastic packages. The result is a product that
is cost effective and easy to apply.
2. No external components or expensive user calibration are
required to apply the AD633.
3. Monolithic construction and laser calibration make the
device stable and reliable.
4. High (10 MΩ) input resistances make signal source loading
5. Power supply voltages can range from ±8 V to ±18 V. The
internal scaling voltage is generated by a stable Zener diode;
multiplier accuracy is essentially supply insensitive.


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Added 2011-03-05 06:52:28 by saba

ad633 indian price how much

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Added 2011-03-05 06:51:10 by saba

sir i'need the cost of the ad633 but i don't understand the datails does not given here

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   Datasheet for the AD633
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