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Analog FM synthesis VCO

Courtesy/Thanks to: Cyndustries

Description: Dr. John Chowning first described FM Synthesis technique in 1967. Since that time, no analog quadrature oscillator with through-zero capability and dynamic linear FM control has been commercially available... until now!

Cyndustries is proud to announce a major breakthrough in analog VCO design, the amazing Zeroscillator.

The Zeroscillator is a full-featured electronic-music-quality analog VCO capable of linear frequency modulation through zero hertz and into negative frequencies. This makes it capable of the FM Synthesis stuff, wild and crazy sounds simply not available from traditional VCOs, and timbres not available from digital FM synthesizers. Of course, Zeroscillators also make insane LFOs!

Traditional FM Synthesis oscillator implementations, such as the DX-7, are sine wave only. The Zeroscillator also makes available sawtooth, reverse saw, triangle, pulse (with PWM), and a special set of four quadrature outputs capable of unique bi-phase wave morphing, (more on that later).


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   Frontpanel Modcan format of the Zeroscillator.
   Frontpanel Modcan format of the Zeroscillator.
   Envelope Generator controls modulator frequency (ordinary VCO) which is patched to Zeroscillator Lin
   The Row-A Output of a Sequencer modulates Exponential CV Input of carrier VCO, while Row-B Output mo
   Bell Tones, Classic Linear FM Synthesis patch with FM Modulation Index dynamically modulated by an e
   Overdubbing three passes of Zeroscillator voices with no filters! Zeroscillator AUDIO DEMOS by Ma
   Three crazy Zeroscillators throwing a fit! Zeroscillator AUDIO DEMOS by Mark Barton The fol
   Run for the headphones! Get comfortable and meditate on this one for 3 minutes of stereo heaven from
   The product page of the Zeroscillator on Cyndustries homepage.
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