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ISR Vocoder


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Description: This is a project that Andreas Andersson did with two other people (Andreas Ersson and Jakob Thorell) for an "advanced" course in analog electronics. We got four course credits for something we would have built anyway. Very nice...
It is an analog (10-)channel vocoder where the frequency spectrum of one input signal is applied as a filter to another signal. (OK, maybe a bit simplified, but if you're interested you probably already know what I'm talking about.) In retrospect I can say that the input/output circuitry could have been a bit better and it would have been more fun with 12 or 14 channels instead, but all in all the result wasn't too shabby. We at least have one satisfied user in Daniel Kahlin. He has some of his music online so maybe you can hear the isr-vocoder in action. (Lucky you!)


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   Schematics and PCB layout for the ISR Vocoder
Parts used
   Low Power, High Slew Rate, Wide Bandwidth, JFET Input Operational Amplifiers
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