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MadMouse V1.0

Monofonic DIY Synthesizer

Other names for this product: Mad Mouse,
Courtesy/Thanks to: EFM

Description: First of all this synth contains OBSOLETE IC's (LM13600) and it has been rumoured that the creator of this DIY-synth Do not wish to be disturbed with questions about it anymore. Please respect his decision. It does however show that it was a very intresting and popular project.
The Mad Mouse is a normalized analog synthesizer designed to work with the PAiA Midi2CV8 midi to control voltage converter. It can be used with
any 1 volt per octave controller keyboard, midi interface or sequencer.
I built up two boards before shipping to test the boards as well as the documentation. Both test assemblys worked the first time. However there are
two mistakes on the silkscreen. C15 is labeled as C17 and Q8 is labeled as Q6. See the parts layout for corrections. Please send any error reports to
me at
The MM contains two wide range VCOs, one two-pole low-pass resonate VCF, two VCAs, one LFO, two AD envelope generators and it’s own on
board power supply. It was designed as a small single voice synthesizer to be used by itself or grouped for multi-timbral or poly functions. The PAiA midi2cv8 allows up to four units to be connected to it at once.

I choose very stable well-tested designs for the MM. However there is no temperature compensation. If you have a pair of 1K tempco’s use them as
R13 and R14 instead of the 1K 1% resistors called for in the parts list.
You may also want to replace the frequency and offset pots with a three turn type. It makes setting the frequency a lot easier. I choose a 20K
summing resistor for vco2 offset this value allows almost full frequency range adjustment but makes tuning the VCOs harder in day to day use.
Replace the 220K R10 with a 470K for a more manageable range.


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Added 2016-02-20 00:36:54 by mbadgett49

The LM13700 is a direct replacement for the LM13600.

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   A RealAudio file showing how a Madmouse sounds like, it is just one tone pressed throughout the file
   Picture of a Rackmounted MadMouse
   Picture of the circuitboard and 19" rackpanel.
   A picture showing a closeup of the circuitboard, observe that a lot of cables are required for this
   Assembly and Parts manual for the madmouse
   Modification schematics to change the MadMouse Envelope generator to an ADSR type.
   Picture of a fully populated PCB of the Mad mouse.
   Electronic for music
Other versions/mods
   A build of the Madmouse.
Parts used
   Dual Operational Transconductance Amplifiers with Linearizing Diodes and Buffers
   High speed Switching Diode
   PNP switching transistor
   NPN switching transistor
NE 556
   Dual Timer Circuit
   Low-Noise JFet-input Operational Amplifier
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