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Audio Artist

Sound-Effects machine

Other names for this product: the Audio Artist,
Courtesy/Thanks to: Popular Electronics, Jim Barbarello

Description: Wether you´re an amateur recording engineer, electronic musician, or simply a "sound bug" or chronic knob twidler, the Audio Artist is sure to appeal to you. It´s a special-effects generator which can be used to create such sounds as the wail of a siren, the bubbling splash of a rock falling into a pond, the stock Hollywood sound of a flying saucer, the complex whirring generated by some futuristic machine, and much more. The Audio Artist's five controls interact with each other, resulting in a large variety of possible sound effects.

The project can double as a metronome whose rate is variable from less than 1Hz to more than 250Hz. Displaying the output of the Audio Artist on an oscilloscope also creates some intereting effect. The project is easily built, and the total cost of construction is less than $25.


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   Example of the sound effects that can be created with the Audio Artist
   Article from Popular Electronics with description, and schematics to build the Audio Artist
Practical Electronics
   Electronics Projects Magazine
Parts used
   High Conductance Fast Diode
   High speed Switching Diode
   Dual Operational Amplifier
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