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Single/Dual/Quad, 10MHz Single-Supply Op Amps

Other names for this product: MAX474, MAX475,
Courtesy/Thanks to: Maxim

Description: The single MAX473, dual MAX474, and quad MAX475 are single-supply (2.7V to 5.25V), unity-gain-stable op amps with rail-to-rail output swing. Each op amp guarantees a 10MHz unity-gain bandwidth, 15V/µs slew rate, and 600 drive capability while typically consuming only 2mA supply current. In addition, the input range includes the negative supply rail and the output swings to within 50mV of each supply rail.
Single-supply operation makes these devices ideal for low-power and low-voltage portable applications. With their fast slew rate and settling time, they can replace higher-current op amps in large-signal applications. The MAX473/MAX474/MAX475 are available in DIP and SO packages in the industry-standard op-amp pin configurations. The MAX473 and MAX474 are also offered in the µMAX package, the smallest 8-pin SO.


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   Datasheet for the MAX473,474,475
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   The Simple Pseudo-random Sound generator
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